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    Leipzig has an amazing choice of restaurants offering both traditional Saxonian specialities as well as International cuisine.
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    Coffee & Cake

    The first coffee bar in Germany opened in Leipzig in 1711, and has made coffee and cake an important German tradition.
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    Leipzig has a Mediterranean dining atmosphere, with plenty of outdoor seating restaurants and cosy historic coffee shops nestled in courtyards and pedestrian only streets. Try the famous Leipziger Lerche pastry, made with almonds, marzipan and strawberry jam for afternoon tea. These tiny yummy cakes replaced the traditional hunting of skylarks which was banned by the Saxon king in 1876. Another traditional dish is the Leipziger Allerlei which is a selection of seasonal young vegetables. Tradition dates this back to the Napoleonic wars, where to avoid paying tax wealthy citizens would serve the inspectors only vegetables to make them believe that there was little money in the household.

    Cocktail Bars

    Whether you are looking for a Tom Collins, the perfect 007 Martini or just sometime Between the Sheets, find the best cocktail bars in Leipzig right now.
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    Night Clubs

    Put on your dancing shoes and party till the sun comes up! Leipzig offers everything from mainstream discos, retro clubs, student hangouts and glamorous venues.
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    Music Venues

    Leipzig has a mixture of small trendy jazz clubs to large concert venus that hold up to 50,000 spectators.
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    Theatre & Cabaret

    Leipzig has a proud history of cabaret clubs, which in their own way helped to fuel the breakup of the former GDR.
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    Leipzig has a proud history of cabaret clubs, which in their own way helped to fuel the breakup of the former GDR. Prior the political changes in 1989, clubs such as the Academixer and the Leipziger Pfeffermühle, were already poking fun at the failed communist state. In a system which suppressed the freedom of speech, cabaret clubs in Leipzig were blowing the seeds of change, allowing the audience to read between the lines of comedy and variety shows.


    Leipzig has an interesting and diverse collection of museums; from fast cars, fine art and garden sheds.
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