Art Museums

    The term New Leipzig School (Neue Leipziger Schule) refers to a movement in modern German painting that has expanded since the reunification.

    The list of painters that are classified in this school are not fixed, but include Neo Rauch, Christoph Ruckhäberle and Matthias Weischer. A significant role in the success of the "New Leipzig School" was played by the gallery owner Gerd Harry Lybke who introduced the works of Rauch in particular to the globally important American art market.

    Many painters and galleries associated with the School are based in the "Music District" in the south-western suburbs, and more recently at the Leipzig Cotton Mill in Plagwitz.

    • Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts
      Museum of Fine Arts
      Leipzig's Museum of Fine Arts reopened in its new purpose-built centre in December 2004. The origins of the museum date back to the founding of the "Leipzig Art Association" by Leipzig art collectors and promoters in 1837.
    • Kunsthalle der Sparkasse
      The Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig
      Displays a mixture of permanent and changing exhibits by local and regional artists. Both the building and art are owned by the savings bank Sparkasse Leipzig. The Art Exhibition Hall is located directly on the banks of the Pleisse river.
    • Museum of Contemporary Art
      Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig
      The Museum of Contemporary Art is an exhibition space for contemporary art and a museum for art post 1945. The permanent collection is presented as a series of changing exhibitions.
    • Leipzig Art Hotel
      Leipzig Art Hotel
      Part hotel and part art gallery - the excellent Art Hotel Leipzig. An exhibition area of 160 square meters and a personal collection of works from the New Leipzig School and other contemporary arts.
    • Leipzig Cotton Mill
      Leipzig Cotton Mill
      Home to the "New Leipzig School." The Leipzig Cotton Mill (Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei), is a former 10 hectare cotton mill, that today has been transformed to art galleries, studios and restaurants.
    • G2 Leipzig
      Selected artworks from the Hildebrand Collection at the G2 Kunsthalle. The private collection focuses on contemporary painting of the 21st century including drawings, prints, sculptures and other media objects.