• belantis theme park
    • belantis theme park
    • belantis theme park

    Belantis Theme Park

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    Belantis is an adrenalin-fuelled world tour full of adventure and the largest theme park in eastern Germany. Located just south of Leipzig and on the right of the A38 as you head out of town, you cannot miss the largest pyramid in Europe.

    It has a number of exhilarating themed worlds and rides waiting to be discovered. Belantis prides itself on being family-friendly.

    Visitors to Belantis can take a journey through space and time: each lovingly created themed world is grouped together with its many attractions around miniature versions of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

    You will find more than enough rides to guarantee an exhilarating day out for all ages.

    Admission Prices
    Children under 1m height Admission free
    Children 31.90 euro per person (height 1,01m - 1,44m)
    Adult and Teens 34.90 euro per person (height 1,45m)

    Zur Weissen Mark 1
    04249 Leipzig
    Tel: 01378 403030
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    Belantis Theme Park

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