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    Colditz Castle

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    Although the castle has a history of more than 1000 years, and has been used for many things such as a Royal Hunting Lodge to a psychiatric hospital, it is its role during the years of 1940 - 1945 that many people come to visit the castle today.

    This seemingly escape proof castle officially known as, Oflag IV-C, was used to house high security Allied officers and other prisoners who had become security or escape risks or who were regarded as particularly dangerous. Since the castle is situated on a rocky outcrop above the River Mulde, the Germans believed it to be an ideal site for a high security prison.

    Although it was considered a high security prison, it boasted one of the highest records of successful escape attempts. This could be owing to the general nature of the prisoners that were sent there; most of them had attempted escape previously from other prisons and were transferred to Colditz because the Germans had thought the castle escape-proof.

    Altogether there were 320 attempted escapes, with the French getting 22 home, and the British 14. One of the pleasures of visiting this castle is to see just how these escape attempts were carried out. From hand gliders, tunnels and dressing as women, it really is a fascinating battle of wits between the German prison guards and allied prisoners.

    Opening times:
    April - October: Every day 10.00 - 5.00
    November - March: Every day 10.00 - 4.00
    Prices: 4.00euro, 3.00 euro (pupils, students, disabled persons)
    I would recommend taking the guided tours which cost 8,50 and start at the castle museum at 10.30

    Getting there:
    Bus 690 leaves the east side of Leipzig main station almost hourly during the day; the service returns from Colditz just as regularly.

    Colditz Castle

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