Walking Food tours in Leipzig

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    Be taken off the beaten track on a culinary adventure of Leipzig and look behind the scenes of the city, as you delve into delicious Leipzig. The tours offer lots of delicious tasting samples from carefully selected, owner-operated restaurants and cafes, plus lots of history, culture, architecture and stories of the area.
    There are two tours offered:
    Leipzig Südvorstadt-Tour:magnificent buildings, modern fusion cuisine, as well as the famous Leipziger Lerche cake are just some of the treats on offer on this tour.
    Leipzig Plagwitz-Tour: no other district has experienced significant change in the last two decades as Plagwitz. The culinary Plagwitz offers many small restaurants that are as diverse as its population from small bars, cozy cafes and interesting bistros.

    Walking Food tours in Leipzig
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    Walking Food tours in Leipzig

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