Leipzig Pubs

    Leipzig has several pub districts, one of the most popular being the Drallewatsch, which runs from the Bruehl precinct along Fleischergasse to the New Town Hall. Many of the citys pubs have beer gardens, which are incredibly popular in the summer. A must for beerlovers when in Leipzig is to try the locally brewed Leipzig Gose, a top-fermented beer.

    Goldhopfen Craft Beer Bar

    Craft Beer
    If you like a more genuine beer experience than this small cosy craft beer bar is the perfect choice.
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    Kildare City Pub

    Irish Pub
    The original Irish pub in the heart of Leipzig single bar district, the Barfussgässchen
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    Morrison`s Irish Pub & Restaurant

    Irish Pub & Restaurant in the center of Leipzig a few minutes walk from Market Square. Typical Irish cozy interior on two floors.
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    Mc Cormacks Irish Pub & Lounge

    A piece of Ireland in the south of Leipzig, with Irish beer, real Irish food and a wide selection of whiskys.
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    Gose Beer: Gose was first brewed in the early 16th century in the town of Goslar, from which its name derives. It became so popular in Leipzig that local breweries started to make it themselves. By the end of the 1800s, it was considered to be the local style of Leipzig and there were countless Gosenschanke in the city. Dominant flavours in Gose include a lemon tartness and herbal characteristic. Gose beers typically do not have prominent hop bitterness, flavours, or aroma.

    Bayerischer Bahnhof

    One of Leipzig's landmarks is the Bayerischer Bahnhof which was built in 1842, they brew a selection of beers such as Schaffner (Pils), Kuppler (dark wheat), Heizer (dark beer) and off course Gose beer.
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    The only historic Gose-pub still located at its original site. They brew a number of different types of Gose beer such as Umbrella (Gose with Leipzig's caraway seed liqueur "Allasch"), Lady-friendly" (Gose with cherry brandy).
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