Theatre & Cabaret

    Leipzig has a proud history of cabaret clubs, which in their own way helped to fuel the breakup of the former GDR.

    Prior the political changes in 1989, clubs such as the Academixer and the Leipziger Pfeffermühle, were already poking fun at the failed communist state. In a system which suppressed the freedom of speech, cabaret clubs in Leipzig were blowing the seeds of change, allowing the audience to read between the lines of comedy and variety shows.

    Today in Leipzig the cabaret clubs still keep audiences entertained with performances of all sorts of artists, including comedians, singers, dancers, magicians, actors and of course political satire. The cabaret clubs in Leipzig offer great affordable fun.

    • kabarett-academixer leipzig
      Academixer Cabaret
      The "academixer" was founded in 1966 as a student cabaret of the Leipzig University and is one of the top cabaret clubs in Leipzig. Every year, it hosts a large selection of plays, musical cabaret and of course, political satire.
    • leipzig central kabarett
      Leipziger Central Cabaret
      The Leipziger Central Kabarett, is located directly on the market place and is an excellent place to spend an evening. With 20 events a month from political cabaret to literary couplet-evenings and of course good old fashion burlesque shows.
    •  leipzig cabaret pfeffermuhle
      Cabaret Leipziger Pfeffermühle
      The Leipzig Pfeffermühle (peppermill) is one of the most traditional and oldest cabaret clubs in Germany. It moved to its new location in 2011, and audiences will still find intelligent wit and political satire.
    • leipzig krystallpalast Variete
      Krystallpalast Variete Leipzig
      Krystallpalast (Crystal Palace) is a traditional variety theatre that has everything from music, dance, theatre and acrobatics. Food and drink can be served at your table during the show or enjoy the bar and restaurant after the show.
    • leipzig sanftwut cabaret
      Sanftwut Cabaret - Theater
      The cabaret theatre Sanftwut is in the popular Mädlerpassage. It has a large selection of shows that are constantly changing full of satire, wit, dark humour and wonderful music.
    • central leipziger funzel
      Cabaret Leipziger Funzel
      The Leipziger Funzel is located in the Strohsack Passage next to the historic St. Nicholas Church. It has a full programme of events and is a very popular cabaret theatre in Leipzig.