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    Leipzig Zoo

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    Enjoy a great day out at Leipzig Zoo, which first opened in 1878. Today the zoo is spread over six main areas covering 56 acres and home to over 2000 animals.

    Leipzig Zoo can be viewed as a zoo for the 21st century; with a well-established breeding programme and continual investment in both animal welfare and visitor experience. New facilities include the Gondwanaland where you can travel by river through a fascinating tropical landscape the size of two football pitches.

    Visit Pongoland where you can experience mans closest relatives. On wooden walkways over the water enter through the cave entrance into an exotic dome that reflects a natural tropical humid climate. See the silver-backs patrol their territory and observe Orang-utans climbing. Feeding times for the apes is 13.30 every day.

    The zoo has a number of restaurants offering international food; from the freshness of Marche to the charm of Latin American food to a true African experience of the kiwara Lodge, where you can dine on African food with fantastic views of giraffes, zebras across the Kiwara savannah.

    Admission Prices
    Adults 18.50 Euro
    Concessions 15.00 Euro
    Children 11.00 Euro
    Parents and child 47.00 Euro
    Evening adult ticket 12.00 Euro

    Pfaffendorfer Str. 29
    04105 Leipzig
    Tel: 0341 5933385
    Web: www.zoo-leipzig.de
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    Leipzig Zoo

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